Posted on 24 March 2015

WishlistThis month I'm dreaming of...

  1. A-Line Etch Flower Skirt from Topshop
  2. 34mm Babyliss Wand
  3. L'Oréal Color Riche in Mon Jules
  4. ACNE Black and Red Luda Boots
  5. Braun Juicer

And the colour theme seems to be black and red. I'm really into lipsticks at the moment, so some reviews coming up!


Posted on 12 March 2015

Sicily Mash Up
I recently had the unexpected chance to travel to Sicily to assist on someone's fashion project featuring Sicilian architecture. Although the project didn't go exactly as we hoped for, it was a good opportunity for me to travel to a place that I never really planned on visiting (for some unknown reason). So here are my best photos of Sicily in Taormina, Sferracavallo and Palermo. We went all over the island but I didn't take a lot of photos as we were so busy working. I also left with a humongous strike of flu, so I've been a bit worn down this week. However, I have also been doing interviews back to back for upcoming work and internships, so fortunately I'm not that poorly.


Posted on 11 February 2015

Outfit Inspiration

Img source: Tumblr

I have a big interview with a luxury fashion brand coming up and I am trying to decide what I should wear to make a really good first impression. In PR, more than any other area of fashion, there's a pressure to be well dressed and stylish. A PR Officer represents the brand, so they need to be in tandem with its image, but at the same time they should have their own uniqueness.

See how hard this is?

I have been to internship/job interviews several times before, but this interview is one of the biggest things I have ever done and I can see it changing the outcome of my whole career if I do get this position. No pressure then! Please give me your opinion. What would you recommend I wear?