Posted on 18 January 2015


Sometimes I spend hours reblogging things on Tumblr, especially on my Healthy Food Porn one where all I post is food. Today I was doing this while watching Blue Bloods on my laptop and came across a few inspiring posts that led me to make this love Kale and Egg Crêpe for lunch. It was so delicious that I ended up eating two. The recipe is really super easy: 110g of plain flour, 2 eggs, 200ml of milk mixed with 75ml of water, a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar. I sifted the flour into a big bowl and then added the eggs and the seasoning. After mixing everything, I slowly added the wet ingredients into the mix and kept blending them until all the lumps were gone. To cook them, I used olive oil because I didn't have any butter and they turned out great, but butter is good too. As for the 'stuffing', I just sautéed some kale in olive oil and garlice, added a few slices of hard-boiled egg, a bit of farinheira (portuguese charcuterie) and some habanero sauce.


Posted on 08 December 2014

Across from Amsterdam Centraal StationAcross from Amsterdam Centraal Station.

This past weekend I went to Amsterdam. Saturday at half past midnight I woke up (I only slept an hour and a half) and got dressed. I had a very early flight and there was no underground working at that time of night/day, so I had to take two buses to Heathrow. It was absolutely freezing but I finally made it eventually. I fell asleep on the plane for what felt like five minutes because the flight to Amsterdam is so short.

After travelling from Schipol to Central Amsterdam, I had to get my camera out and start snapping away. These pictures were actually taken with my phone, the ones on my camera still have to be developed and scanned as I took a 35mm film camera instead of a digital one. I did try and take as many back-ups with my phone whenever I remembered to do so. Just in case.

Walking aroundSomewhere near the hotel in Oude Pijp area.

Walking around AmsterdamSame canal as above.

Pictoresque, AmsterdamHad to wait a while to take this photo because I wanted to focus on the bicycle and have no people in the frame.

Trees and SilhouettesYou know I love my trees and silhouettes.

Bloemenmarkt, Amsterdam
Bloemenmarkt, the floating flower market in Singel. I bought a few bulbs here to take back home to Portugal, for my mum.

Beauty in AmsterdamThe National Opera and Ballet.

Browsing Books in Waterlooplein
Browsing the books in the Waterlooplein street stands. I couldn't resist and bought a book in Dutch so I can try and learn a bit. I'm actually toying with the idea of doing a course in London to learn the language.

Choir Singing Christmas/Christian Songs
A choir singing in a residential square near the Jewish Historical Museum. They were singing Christmas religious songs which brought a few tears to my eyes, as I remembered going to church with my grandma.

SnoopingSnooping people's houses.

Empty Underground
Empty Wibautstraat underground station. One of the best parts of Amsterdam was the easy flow in public transportation. It felt so far from London, where getting on the tube is the worst part of the day.

Blue SkiesPhotographing the sky, as I do so often.

Here is Westerkerk. This is near Anne Frank House. I got a ticket online a week before I went so I didn't have to get in line with the crowds queueing up outside. The smartest thing I've ever done. I also went to the Van Gogh Museum but both cannot be photographed inside, and unlike some people I saw, I respected their wish. I was very annoyed when I saw a man sneaking pictures in Anne Frank House because, like the website says, for some going there it's a very emotional experience and it's not appropriate to be photographing something so important to them.

Vondelpark. One of the loveliest parks in Amsterdam. I didn't see much of it as I only went one weekend and crammed A LOT of things into it.


Posted on 02 December 2014

Autumn Obsession


Blue Skies


Last week, when I went out with my friend and we fed the squirrels in Kensington Gardens, I took my Canon AE-1 Program. I hadn't used it yet so it was a test-run. I was pretty happy with some pictures and really disappointed with others. One of the rolls was around 50% ruined because I opened the door accidentally, but it's all part of the learning process so I'm not too upset about it. Also, for some reason, all the photos have a shadow on the top of the image (you can't see it here because I photoshopped the shadow out, along with most of the scratches on the film). I'm not sure what is causing the shadow, but hopefully I'll find out soon.

These are the best I could get from the first roll. I'm still scanning the other two rolls and one hasn't even been developed yet because I didn't finish it.