Posted on 18 September 2014


Minolta Dynax 4

Around the Neighbourhood

Outside my Window
Recently I became interested in shooting film instead of digital. It's not that digital doesn't come with its challenges, but I've been craving something new. All of a sudden I find myself buying cameras, doing research on how to develop film, scanning, and so on. These photos are just a few from the first roll I shot, developed and scanned completely on my own. I am really quite proud of myself for doing all of this, especially the developing part, which I thought I might screw up. They were taken around my neighbourhood in North London.


Posted on 10 September 2014

Coffee and Books

Coffee and Books
Right now I don't 'own' any cats, but at heart I'm definitely a crazy cat lady. Throughout my childhood and teenage years my siblings and I had two cats, but sadly both died (at different times) after keeping us company and making slaves out of us for years. The only reason I don't have one right now is because London flat hunting is undoubtedly hindered by the existence of a 'pet' and also because my financial situation isn't completely stable just yet - what with me being a student and part-time worker. When my sister was here visiting she went to meet a friend one day and instead of going home, I decided to spend some time at Hatchard's - basically my favourite bookshop in the world - and browse their enormous collection. Cat Sense by John Bradshaw was in one of their bestseller tables around the shop and I was immediately attracted to its cover and subject matter.

I've been reading slowly, while reading other books, and this book is quickly becoming one of my favourites simply because of how interesting it is (to me at least). So much that Bradshaw says does make sense and a lot of it had never crossed my mind. One example of this is the fact that more and more people are trying to domesticate cats so much that they no longer resemble their ancestors and couldn't possibly survive in the wild. He talks of how we tend to forget that cats come from the wild and it is only natural that they sometimes behave based on instinct not on how we breed or raise them. The fact is they are wonderful creatures who are incredibly independent but also loving. People who hate cats usually argue that they're cold and aloof - especially when compared to dogs - but the truth is that they can also be very protective and nurturing.


Posted on 08 September 2014

learning to draw

learning to draw

learning to draw
This week these two little gems arrived on my doorstep and I have already started to try my hand at some tiny woodland creatures. Okay, I lie. What you see in the photos is what I have done so far. And I know I suck, but I am certainly trying. Next I'll start dabbling in watercolour. There will come the day when a lovely Monet-type piece will come out of me. Until then, I'll just pretend I can illustrate.