23 July 2015

14 July 2015


H&M Heels
For the past few months I haven't really been into fashion and clothes on a more personal level. I haven't felt motivated to purchase new shoes or shirts because I felt a bit down. But with my new healthy lifestyle I have already lost a bit of weight and have started enjoying shopping more and more. As I am looking for a full-time job at the moment, I decided I needed to get a nice pair of heels for interviews and for the office - instead of just using a pair of the many black boots I already own.

H&M is having a great sale this summer so I ordered these babies online. I bought a size bigger than my usual because I have wide feet. I got them yesterday and even though they are slightly large in the ankle, they are perfect in the rest of the foot so I'm really happy with them.

13 July 2015


Cascais, Portugal

I couldn't remember this feeling anymore. The feeling of utter excitement and deep fear, all at the same time. I couldn't remember what it felt like to take a huge leap of faith and just move my whole life. Anyway. Here's a gorgeous photo of one of our beaches in Cascais, in Portugal. Isn't this sea simply gorgeous? I could look at it all day. Preferably with a mojito in my hand.
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