Posted on 26 August 2014

Yesterday I had a terrible day, so I went to Notting Hill to the Book & Comic Exchange store and got three random books I never intended to buy until yesterday. It was a bit of a mistake to go to Notting Hill at all, but I'd forgot that it the carnival was still going on so I went anyway. It wasn't that bad though. I love going to this store because I always find really cool books.


Posted on 25 August 2014

my weekend on instagram
This past weekend was crazy busy. On Saturday I moved to a new place a bit more north of where I lived and am now sharing again with a former flatmate and friend. The house is the best I've had so far in London and the area is really quiet and peaceful - except for a few clucking chickens and chirping birds. I feel so grown up living here. Funny.

Photos: the view from my window, a healthy breakfast, crackers with delicious PatĂȘ Moi mushroom patĂȘ, candles on my windowsill, flowers I snapped during a walk through the neighbourhood, pumpkin and spinach soup I made for lunch.


Posted on 24 August 2014

healthy breakfast
I'm at the beginning of several new stages in my life and it feels great and scary. Tomorrow I will be starting a new job and yesterday I moved to a new house. Also, this friday my sister left to return home and I feel this is the perfect time to go back to being the healthiest I can be. No more slacking off or procrastinating. My healthy journey begins and so does the rest of my life.